Revel in Romance - "Young" - Unreleased Official Music Video Executive Production by "Mama Jan" Smith and Revel In Romance Produced and recorded by "Mama Jan" Smith and Jesse Owen Astin Music video directed and filmed by Dominar Films © Revel In Romance





EP RELEASED 6.28.2016

Single released 2.14.15

Emerging from the streets of Atlanta, Georgia, Revel In Romance has earned their alternative pop rock stripes among the national music scene. Cutting their teeth on themes of passion, pain, love, and sex, their youthful glow shines with old-soul wisdom that has gathered fans from as far south as Miami to as far north as Seattle. With a blitz of tight, rhythmic instrumentation, wall-of-sound punk allusions, and ethereal, 3-dimensional synths, the 5-piece has achieved a soundscape as in-depth as it is relatable.

Centered around quirky, yet elegant lead vocalist Saxony Raine (21), the band formed as an acoustic trio with older brother, Parker Rehklau (rhythm guitar/vocals/composer/songwriter), and Devin Maier (lead guitar/vocals/songwriter). They quickly realized, however, that the sounds they wanted to produce required additional members. Moving away from the acoustic impression they began with, the trio went in search of a permanent percussionist and bassist. They crossed paths with Mark Robinson (drums), a veteran performer in his own right-having played with Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, and the early Jonas Brothers- who eagerly joined. The last person added to the group was Remington Rehklau (bass), a multi-instrumentalist who is Saxony and Parker's eldest brother. Feeling stronger than ever, they sought the guidance and tutelage of "Mama" Jan Smith who, along with Shawn Grove and Jesse Owen Astin, produced the band's 2015 Valentine's Day single release, "Little Love."

Revel In Romance's debut EP, "Right and Wrong", released in June 2016, is produced again by Mama Jan, Shawn Grove, and Jesse Owen Astin. The track list features the subwoofer-crushing "Echoes", the young and reckless pop anthem "Summer Nights" and the poetically moody "Dust". The EP themes itself around being both the hero and the antagonist, being the heart-breaker and the heart-broken, being young, being loud, and being self-aware of it all. On top of that, the "Right and Wrong EP" release featured 2 versions- the "Right" version, and the "Wrong" version- each with its own collection of album art, further lending itself to the band's "black or white" motif.

Revel's sophomore EP "Smoke and Mirrors" will be released in late 2019.

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